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    iM Med are pleased to uniquely be able to offer customers Peracetic Acid disinfectants for Endoscopy, manufactured to the highest standards in the U.K.

    As the only healthcare provider offering U.K. manufactured Endoscopy disinfectants, we are able to guarantee quality, supply and price to our customers.

    Under the strict requirements of the medical devices directive our disinfectants are class 2b medical device’s managed by our 13485:2016 quality management system. A quality system standard which enables healthcare providers peace of mind for safe outcomes for their procurement decisions.

    Our portfolio includes a range of disinfectants designed and manufactured to the equivalent type tested recipes required by a number of Endoscopy Washer Disinfectors. This enables Trusts to transition to an equivalent disinfectant easily and most importantly safely for users and patients.

    There are a number of large NHS Acute Trusts, who are delighted to have been able to make a decision based on choice and quality to transition to iM Med for their consumables.

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