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    Innovation and a passion for customer service excellence brought iM Med, the UK-based decontamination specialist, to a natural partnership with Steelco, for the provision of UK endoscopy decontamination solutions.

    The UK endoscopy decontamination market is driven by an increasing demand year-on-year, for the use of minimally invasive procedures, both diagnostic and interventional. Furthermore, technological advancements and an increasing ageing population are driving the requirements for the provision of equipment, consumables and service support for endoscope decontamination.

    Overview of iM Med Ltd

    iM Med was founded in 2016 by industry specialists, with decades of experience in decontamination and infection prevention. The driving passion for the creation of iM Med was to provide a company focused on choice, innovation, quality and excellent customer service. iM Med has seen significant growth since its inception, providing technical service support, decontamination equipment provision, decontamination consumables and a range of education options to over 50 hospitals across the UK.

    iM Med Portfolio & Philosophy

    Quality sits at the core of iM Med, with BSI as its notified body, iM Med is ISO 13485:2016 certified, with a quality management system to support safe and compliant products and services. The iM Med portfolio has four cornerstones in a bid to provide a full product and service offering for healthcare providers, for the safe and compliant decontamination of an endoscope:

    1.   iM Equipment – the provision of the Steelco ARES range of endoscope equipment, uniquely offering true choice for customers looking to upgrade their decontamination facility

    2.   iM Technical – the provision of technical service support including maintenance, service & validation for endoscopy decontamination equipment

    3.   iM Consumables – a range of consumables to support the compliant decontamination journey of the endoscope, including UK-manufactured peracetic acid disinfectants, manufactured to the required type tested recipe for endoscope decontamination

    4.   iM Compliance – supports clinical teams with the provision of national education conferences, bespoke CPD-certified courses, and technical support and advice. iM Med provides experience-based solutions to help maintain service continuity whilst ensuring the provision of a safe service for the patient.

    Steelco – driven by customer needs

    Steelco SpA is an Italian company leader in the production of devices and apparatus for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation specifically designed for the medical, laboratory, research and pharmaceutical industries. Steelco manufacture a range of solutions for the decontamination of medical devices used in outpatient, surgical and endoscopic environments.

    Innovation & Choice

    Steelco offers to its clients complete and customised solutions. The wide range of products, the efficiency and versatility of the solutions provided are designed to meet all customers’ specific needs. A capacity for innovation, together with a deep market and regulation knowledge have led the company to significant growth. Steelco solutions are installed in more than 100 different countries around the world and, through its commercial branches, is directly present in USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Benelux, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, India and Malaysia.

    “We put all our efforts to improve cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes within different professional areas to assure a better quality of work for thousands of Healthcare and Life Science professionals worldwide.”

    The ARES System for the flexible endoscopes reprocessing and storage.

    The Ares philosophy: Driven by customer feedback and internal research a decade ago, Steelco started the development of its endoscopy product platform, initially launching the EW 2 advanced technology Endoscope Washer Disinfector (EWD). To this day, the EW 2 system is said to still represent one of the best solutions internationally available in terms of safety, automation, traceability and ergonomic design.

    Steelco continued to expand its solutions for the complete workflow of endoscope reprocessing, leading to a full range, including: pre-cleaning device, EWD’s, drying cabinets, endoscopy transport solutions, traceability software and project management for customised decontamination suites.

    Steelco EWD’s are designed and constructed to the latest European Standard EN ISO 15883-1/4, and Drying Cabinets are in compliance with EN 16442. Full test validations were undertaken at leading independent European test centres.

    Working in close collaboration with leading endoscope reprocessing centres, Steelco developed the ARES system to best meet the current and future needs of clinicians.

    The ARES range has been created to:

    • Maximise efficiency whilst decreasing risk of cross-contamination
    • Quick cycle times and processes
    • Minimise the time between endoscope use, cleaning and storage
    • Fully compliant with latest standards
    • Ergonomic and intuitive, ensuring ease of use
    • Traceability system choices, to comply with user requirements.


    Automated Device Supporting Manual Cleaning

    The EPW 100 S pre-cleaning system provides assistance for manual cleaning, taking care of the most stressing and repeated actions (syringe flushing & rinsing), and reducing the risk of user errors.

    • Automatic leak testing
    • Traceability of the manual process
    • Automatic management of sink workstation
    • Utilising the OCS, One-time Connection System.


    Endoscopy Washer Disinfectors

    iM Med, with the Steelco AREs range, are proud to be able to offer the UK market true choice when selecting a decontamination solution to meet departmental need and suit the workflow. Offering a range of EWDs with efficient cycle times, with the choice of single-scope or multi-scope chambers, and available as single or double pass-through door versions.

    EW1 S – One scope capacity, with a fast 18-minute cycle. This can be configured as two stacked, asynchronous chambers, on a single footprint.

    EW2 S / EW2 3S – High productivity AERs for the most challenging work peaks. Synchronous reprocessing capacity of two or three flexible endoscopes.

    EWD Range

    • ISO 15883 Part 1 & 4 compliant
    • Simultaneous reprocessing of 1/2/3 flexible endoscopes per chamber
    • Single or double door pass-through options
    • Short cycle times with maximum security
    • Utilising the OCS, One-time Connection System.


    Endoscope Drying Cabinets

    Following processing in an EWD, endoscopes are ready for use or can be stored in an EN 16642 compliant drying cabinet, maintaining their microbial status. Warm sterile air is passed through each internal channel and over external surfaces to rapidly dry both the inside and outside of flexible endoscopes.

    Endoscopes are connected to the drying circuit via the Steelco OCS system. Cabinets can be fitted with RFID or a barcode reader, with connection to an electronic tracking system and printer for logging scopes in and out – ensuring full tracking and traceability.

    Cabinet options include vertical hanging or horizontal basket, available in single or double door pass-through versions with left or right-hand door swings. Cabinets can also be configured in a more compact frame that combines two devices into a single unit with central control module. Capacity to simultaneously dry and store 8 -18 flexible endoscopes.

    Drying cabinets range

    • EN 16442 compliant
    • Single or double door pass-through options
    • Horizontal or vertical storage
    • Capacity: 8-16 flexible endoscopes
    • Full traceability system
    • RFID or Barcode


    OCS System

    With innovation at the core of the AREs range of solutions, a passion for patient safety and a commitment to developing technical advancements, the Steelco OCS, One Connection System was born.

    The One-time Connection System is a unique connection system conducted at the start of the decontamination process which can then be utilised by the Steelco pre-washing, washing/disinfection and drying/storage devices. The OCS system supports decontamination practitioners in the safe handling of the endoscope, to reduce error, risk of cross contamination and damage to the endoscope. Steelco in developing the OCS technology, have enabled sites who choose their solutions to build in time efficiencies across the whole decontamination pathway.

    iM Med say:

    “The Steelco range and particularly the innovation of the OCS system has been of great interest to decontamination providers across the UK, there has been a propensity to solely focus on EWD cycle times, with the OCS a workstream is achieved to be efficient along the whole endoscope decontamination pathway”.

    The One Connection System achieves:

    • Reduced contamination
    • One-time channel connection
    • One-time endoscope handling
    • Error-proof connection
    • 3x faster connection
    • Unique identification system
    • Unique and ergonomic.


    Choice of chemistry

    Both Steelco and iM Med are committed to the use of safe and compliant chemistries within EWDs.

    A range of chemistries can be offered, meeting the requirements of compliance and patient safety, whilst allowing the customer choice.

    Customers may choose to utilise a peracetic acid disinfectant system, with a broad spectrum of disinfectant activity, providing secure and fast processes with the best material compatibility.

    Alternatively, customers may choose to utilise the SteelcoXide System – comprising of SteelcoXide-DT, SteelcoXide A+B.  SteelcoXide-DT is a modern and effective detergent and is specifically indicated for combined use with the bi-component, SteelcoXide solution.

    This solution is generated by combining SteelcoXide-A, which consists of Adamavir Complex and other co-formulants, and SteelcoXide-B, which consists of hydrogen peroxide. The two parts together create an effective synergic action capable of achieving microbial reduction to sterilisation-levels within the EWD, as described within ISO 14937.

    Chemistries have been proven highly efficacious with microbiological type-testing and compliance to ISO 15883-4 for high level disinfection, and ISO 14937 where applicable.



    The first step to provide the right solution is understanding individual customer needs and offering the best solution based on current and future workflow and workloads. iM Med focuses on customer service excellence across their portfolio and through the partnership with Steelco, with the ARES range, can offer bespoke solutions designed and delivered to meet current and future demand.