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    ChemDAQ® Peracetic Acid monitoring system

    iM Med prioritise the safety of both patients and staff.

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    As part of our portfolio of solutions, we are pleased to be a UK distributor of the ChemDAQ® Peracetic Acid monitoring system into the healthcare market.

    Steri-Trac® Continuous Monitoring for Peracetic Acid: Steri-Trac is a fixed monitoring system ideal for known areas of concern or potential exposure.

    ChemDAQ® helps you maintain a safe, productive work environment by providing best-in-class monitoring products for Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethylene Oxide.

    Monitoring the air around potentially hazardous chemicals sets a higher standard of safety and quality at any facility.


    Does your Sterilization Equipment Emit Unsafe Vapors?

    Don’t let the equipment you need to keep your patients safe, be a safety hazard to your employees. Biocides, like Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene Oxide are very effective in killing pathogens on instruments that could be harmful to your patients, but the same biocides could put your staff at risk.

    Steri-Trac continuous monitoring allows you to quickly and easily measure vapours in real time.

    • Provide employees peace of mind that they are working in a safe environment.
    • Identify problem areas and take corrective action before it is too late.
    • Minimize disruption and improve productivity by early detection of malfunctions.
    Exposure to Biocide Vapors Can Be Hazardous Exposure above occupational exposure limits (OELs) puts your staff at risk of severe health effects.

    Why Monitor?

    • You cannot smell or physically detect certain vapours at low concentrations.
    • Exposure happens, even with the best safety practices in place.
    • Equipment can leak, if your equipment tells you differently, ask for an indemnification.
    • Failure of engineering controls and work practices.
    • Continuous monitoring is the only way to ensure worker safety.

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